Dell Mobile Clinical Computing helps doctors improve productivity; HHS sends EHR disclosures rule to OMB;

> Pilot projects launched by Dell Mobile Clinical Computing at 10 European hospitals show how the right information technology can help medical professionals reclaim up to three hours a week for patient care by improving access to patient information and reducing application access time. Press release

> The Department of Health and Human Services is getting closer to finishing its work on defining what providers will be responsible for when patients ask for disclosures in their electronic health records (EHRs). HHS has submitted to the White House Office of Management and Budget the proposed final rule for the accounting of disclosures of EHRs. FierceEMR

> A collaboration between technology-solutions provider CSC and the University of Kansas Hospital led to the development of CareVeillance Clinical Surveillance, technology that automates clinical surveillance and works with a hospital's current data systems to help those facilities reduce complications and manage core measure reporting, CSC announced. Press release

> MEDecision is pushing the electronic health record all the way out into clinician's hands with a new app for its InFrame product. The new app, available March 30 through Apple's iTunes store, will allow clinicians to access patient records from smartphones, tablets and other portable devices. FierceMobileHealthcare

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