DAKOTACARE Physicians Initiate Training On RxEOB’s AutoAuthRxTM Pharmacy Prior Authorization Solution: Benefits Physicians and Patients


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announced today that , the leading physician-owned health plan in South Dakota, has implemented RxEOB’s pharmacy prior authorization automation technology for use by its network of physicians who serve the DAKOTACARE membership. With AutoAuthRx, DAKOTACARE clinical pharmacists collaborate with physicians to help improve the drug prior authorization process for DAKOTACARE members, ensuring that each prescription is aligned with the member’s specific pharmacy benefit design and associated evidence-based guidelines.

“Our physicians can now utilize a powerful tool that is fully aligned with our mission to make healthcare more efficient for all, allowing them to make the most informed pharmacy decisions for DAKOTACARE members, promoting lower cost options when clinically appropriate, and freeing up clinician and staff time to better focus upon patient needs,” says Rich Jones, R.N., vice president of Medical Management, DAKOTACARE. “This solution allows us to offer an enhanced set of benefit options, drive effective medical management programs and preserve the financial stability of our healthcare system.”

According to a Dean Medical Center regarding the economic burden of prior authorizations within allergist offices, nurses averaged over six calls per day per nurse and spent an average of 17 minutes per call attempting to get prescriptions approved by insurance companies. Physicians averaged almost two calls per day averaging five to 10 minutes per call.

Robert Oscar, R.Ph., CEO of RxEOB, says, “Web-based prior authorization applications help to improve the quality of care while reducing both the time and the costs incurred by patients and healthcare professionals. Innovators like DAKOTACARE, who share our passion for improving care quality, safety, affordability, and convenience, understand that cost containment, particularly for specialty products, requires cutting-edge solutions designed to ensure that each member can easily access the appropriate medication in a timely and efficient way.”

RxEOB helps millions of people understand the most cost-effective way to use their pharmacy benefit programs through Web-based and mobile software applications. The company deploys Web-based applications to reduce the labor-intensive processes within health plans and PBMs of gathering, integrating, and accessing drug claims and formulary data, processing drug prior authorizations, and creating one-to-one consumer engagement communications. For more information contact Matt Patterson , .


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