Curt Lewis & Associates Forms Strategic Alliance with Healthy Start MD

Fort Worth, TX (PRWEB) August 11, 2011

Curt Lewis & Associates (CL&A) today announced a strategic alliance with Healthy Start MD, a global wellness service firm headquartered in Webster, Texas with business concerns throughout the US and the international community. Curt Lewis & Associates is known for its expertise in the aviation industry, offering system safety, quality, and safety management system services and training, accident investigation, litigation support, and risk management solutions.

Healthy Start MD (HSMD), a telemedicine division of the International Medical Network, provides medical services and consultations delivered by board-certified emergency physicians and internal and family practice physicians via an integrated telemedicine network. The focus of HSMD's telemedicine program is reducing company liability, delivering cost efficient medical services, while attending and delivering expert medical care to employees at remote locations.

Darwin Copsey, Vice President of CL&A stated "with Curt Lewis & Associates current presence in the medical field offering safety services and training, plus our expertise in developing business continuity plans and emergency response plans and procedures this alliance is a practical and beneficial solution to clients. Just like the cost savings benefits of Curt Lewis & Associates 10 and 30 hour OSHA training programs, clients will benefit with the effectiveness of resources and economic efficiency from Healthy Start MD's telemedicine service."

Healthy Start MD increases the level of medical care, medical response and wellness to the aviation, oil, gas, shipping, and chemical industries. Healthy Start MD's medical and wellness services enhance health outcomes, employee productivity and stable and emergent medical care for clients through cutting edge medical technology.

HSMD feels it is a natural fit with CL&A because of a natural progression from health and safety programs, to the sick and injured in a remote setting. "HSMD's expertise focus is to deliver medical and wellness solutions to the aviation industry, which complements CL&A's mission, and I look forward to this strategic alliance with HSMD to amplify service offerings and to extend our global presence," said Curt Lewis, President of CL&A.

According to Mike McAllister, Chief Development Officer for HSMD, "the strategic alliance will allow HSMD to expand with the belief this alliance will benefit clients by deepening our knowledge base and ensuring clients will have cutting edge medicine and wellness solutions at their fingertips."

Curt Lewis & Associates, LLC is a multi-discipline international consulting firm specializing in aviation and industrial safety. The firm, established in 2005, targets safety management systems, system safety audits and safety training programs, risk management, accident investigation, litigation support and quality assessments. For more information, call 817.303.9096, or e-mail Curt Lewis at: curt(at)curt-lewis(dot)com or visit

Healthy Start MD is an international wellness firm offering a complete telemedicine network for any company with human resources located at remote locations. The company's wellness division focuses on worksite wellness solutions, chronic disease management, drug screenings, and cardiac/vascular assessments and screenings to all companies. The telemedicine division focuses on delivering cutting edge telehealth for stable and emergent conditions to employees working on a remote location via the 24/7 telemedicine call center For more information, call 832-584-4980, or e-mail Mike McAllister at: mmcallister(at)healthystartmd(dot)com or visit