CT scans more accurately detect lung cancer in smokers; Despite some concerns, White House supports 21st Century Cures;

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> A new program uses CT scan technology to more accurately detect if smokers have lung cancer. Intermountain Medical Center in Salt Lake found that CT scans, unlike X-rays alone, can create a multiple-image scan of the chest; X-rays produce on image of the chest. Patients who get a CT scan have a 15 percent to 20 percent lower risk of dying than those who just get an X-ray, according to the study. Announcement

> While the Obama administration came out in support of the 21st Century Cures Act this week, it still noted some concerns it has with the legislation. In particular, the White House said in a statement that it worries "about providing additional funding for the National Institutes of Health and FDA without addressing sequestration more broadly." The president has proposed a plan to reverse sequestration and give NIH a $1 billion funding boost. However, the statement added that new responsibilities for FDA in the bill exceed resources. Statement (.pdf)

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> While sepsis accounts for just as many readmissions and deaths as heart attacks and congestive heart failure, it costs health providers as much to treat as both of those disorders combined, according to a UCLA study published in Critical Care Medicine. Article

> Although restrictions on the number of hours resident physicians work are meant to reduce medical errors, the work-hour limits do not improve patient safety, according to a study published in the Journal of the American College of Surgeons. Article

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> As the major health insurance companies continue their consolidation dance, the country's largest insurer--UnitedHealth Group--will be sitting pretty regardless of whether it strikes a deal to acquire a smaller competitor, a recently published opinion piece says. Article

And Finally... Was he charged twice? Article