CT radiation dosage lowered with high-pitch scanner use; RAND: RxNorm should replace NDC in primary care e-prescribing;

> Doctors performing CT scans on children can drastically reduce the amount of radiation used by following a combination of new techniques, a recent study determines. Chief among those techniques was the use of a high-pitch scanner, which essentially speeds up the process of obtaining an image, reports CardiovascularBusiness. Article

> Electronic prescribing done using the Food and Drug Administration-administered National Drug Code identifiers sometimes misrepresent the prescriber's intent through over specification, says the Rand Corp. in a study posted online July 20. FierceGovernmentIT

> The government certification of drchrono's iPad app for Meaningful Use announced on Thursday represents more than a giant leap for the company, which only a few weeks ago secured $675,000 in seed money. It also has the potential to push both electronic health records and mobile health into the mainstream, simultaneously. FierceMobileHealthcare

> Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee spent $6 million to encrypt all of its stored data in response to a 2009 hard drive theft that contained personal information of about 1 million customers, reports Chattanooga News. The hard drives contained audio and video recordings related to customer service phone calls from providers and members. FierceHealthPayer

And Finally... Not exactly what I'd call a clean getaway. Article