Cost, functionality weigh heavily on PACS decisions for providers

Ambulatory and community hospital providers are looking for value when they evaluate PACS replacements, according to new research from KLAS. 

The study, "Community and Ambulatory 2012: Questions of Value" contained feedback from 1,000 community hospitals and ambulatory providers. It found that in the community hospital market, customer satisfaction is driven by a vendor's ability to balance cost while improving functionality. Ambulatory providers, according to the report, are even more concerned with the bottom line.

According to KLAS, vendors within the community hospital space that provide the most value are BRIT Systems, Infinitt and Novarad, each of which, providers said, also have fair pricing structures. Avreo, Infinitt, and McKesson are functionality leaders for the community hospital market, according to providers. 

Community hospital customers are less satisfied with vendors on the more expensive end--such as Agfa, Fuji, GE and Siemens--as some unexpectedly have been charged for services, upgrades and interfaces by those vendors. 

A second KLAS report published this week examined the global PACS marketplace. It found that top vendors in terms of technology and reputation--including Infinitt and Intelerad--offer "meaningful and timely upgrades" that expand upon usability. Meanwhile, the report's authors said that while vendors like Agfa and GE offered stability, they also have fallen "behind the curve" in terms of functionality.

To learn more:
- here's the KLAS community report announcement
- check out the announcement for the global PACS report 


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