Computer program could increase safety of stroke treatment; Truven Health Analytics acquires Fortel Analytics;

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> A computer program developed by researchers at Imperial College London uses pattern recognition software to assess brain scans, and holds the potential to help physicians predict which patients could suffer fatal side-effects from intravenous thrombolysis, a key stroke treatment. Results of a pilot study in which the program was used have been published in the journal Neuroimage Clinical. Announcement

> Ann Arbor, Mich.-based Truven Health Analytics this morning announced the acquisition of Fortel Analytics, which specializes in healthcare fraud technology. Fortel's service examines pre-payment insurance claims via a "multi-dimensional scoring model," and flags potentially high-risk claims for payment denial or further review. Announcement

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> Hospitals must do more to address medical errors, which cause an average of 325,000 patient deaths annually, Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) said in a report released last Friday. Last year, Boxer asked her staff to investigate and compile a list of the most common and harmful medical errors. "What the staff found out was that there was not a single list--there were many lists," the report states. Article

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> Many critical parts required for the site to run efficiently are still missing. One key function includes the piece that accurately pays insurers. If these glitches continue to go untouched, experts believe larger accounting problems like causing high premiums could surface. Article

> In the consolidating and competitive Medicare Part D market, health insurers should look at preferred networks and enhanced alternative plans as they develop 2015 bids to submit to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, according to Managed Care Magazine. Most Medicare beneficiaries support preferred networks, but federal health officials are scrutinizing the adequacy of preferred network access and will reject a Part D bid if the plan's preferred pharmacy network doesn't offer enough pharmacies with preferred cost sharing. Article

And Finally... Some things--such as corn dogs--just aren't worth it. Article

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