Comparing disease mgmt systems, EMRs

Chronic disease management systems (CDMS) focus specifically on managing chronic disease and preventive care, while the more comprehensive electronic medical record (EMR) documents the entire patient encounter and provides real-time patient information. But how do you make either one work for you? Help is on the way. An excellent new report from the California HealthCare Foundation reveals surprising strengths and weaknesses with both systems. Example: CDMSs rate highly for functionality, are significantly less expensive than EMRs and are typically easier to implement, while EMRs rate highly in offering more robust technology systems and vendor capabilities.

In conducting the research, a range of CDMS and EMR vendors were asked to provide product demonstrations, specifications, and price quotes. Various criteria were used to score the products and vendors according to product function, corporate qualifications, services, and technology. Participants at a CHCF-sponsored conference on chronic disease care viewed demonstrations of the products, generally kicked the tires and then rated them.

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