CMS' post-acute care assessment tool a 'tech turkey'

CMS's CARE tool is a "technology turkey" that's not scientifically proven and will make it harder and more expensive to implement a single post-acute care assessment for reimbursement, writes Carl Granger, M.D., in a post on The Hill.

"Unfortunately, the early reviews of the CARE tool have been poor. Facilities testing the tool report a steep learning curve and significant implementation challenges. Rather than simplify the data collection and reporting process, the new tool forces facilities to spend more time and money on paperwork and less on patient care," writes Granger, executive director emeritus of Uniform Data System for Medical Rehabilitation, a division of the not-for-profit arm of the University at Buffalo.

"In addition, many of the measures in the draft specifications CMS has issued have not been scientifically tested for reliability and validity, making many in the industry wonder whether the CARE tool will function as promised."  Op-ed