CISOs talk death of the password for security; MRIs OK to use on patients with implantable cardiac devices;

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> Passwords may be on the way out, and Frank Bradshaw, Valley Health chief information security officer, says a frictionless world is necessary where passwords aren't needed for authentication, according to an article at Security Current. Jim Rough, CISO for health payer Aetna, agrees. He says next-generation tech will eliminate need for a password and will reduce risk by doing so. Article

> The use of MRIs on patients that have implantable cardiac devices is safe, according to a study by Pittsburgh-based Allegheny General Hospital. In addition, use of MRI on such patients could help add to diagnosis and disease management. Announcement

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> Weekend hospital admissions from medical emergencies include older and more "functionally dependent" patients than weekday admissions, which could explain why weekend admission increases the chance of dying within 30 days, according to a new study published in the Emergency Medicine Journal. Article

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> While they sometimes have opposing interests, payers and drug companies can work together so that patients have better access to new, innovative medications. Article

> Now that the federal government plans to charge some states a fee to use, officials in those states are trying to decide how they want to manage certain functions of their health insurance marketplaces and are considering collaborating with other states. Article

And Finally... Super Bowl, super small. Article