CIOs tackle job changes as health industry evolves

Technology is changing every facet of the healthcare industry, which also means that leaders in the industry are seeing their jobs evolving--perhaps none more so than chief information officers.

In an article at Becker's Hospital CIO, seven CIOs spoke about their jobs and the changes the position is undergoing. Many of them said they already so see their jobs evolving--including balancing their facilities' needs with an increasing number of federal requirements, playing an increasing role in every facet of the hospital system, and focusing on collaboration with many different departments.

"We're exposed to so many different opportunities and nuances because of our work with a wide variety of information [systems] and processes, and we're asked to be more involved and integrated," Richard Ong, vice president and CIO of Saint Vincent Hospital in Erie, Pennsylvania, told Becker's.

Many of the interview subjects said building the right team is key to professional success. Teamwork, the ability to communicate and strong relationships all play a part, Ryan Smith, senior vice president and CIO of Banner Health in Phoenix, said in the article.   

Forming strong relationships with others was also among the advice that CIOs would give to their counterparts. The CIOs in the article said others in their position should not just focus on health IT, but also the big picture, and be able to adapt to all the changes in the industry.

"There is nothing better than making IT work and work well, but without connecting the people and the processes, the information technology itself really doesn't matter," Steve Hess, CIO of University of Colorado Health in Aurora, told Becker's.

Of course, all the changes CIOs face also lead to some fears, including ones about security issues and the increasing number of mergers and acquisitions going on in the industry.

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