CHIME Issues Brief Statement on ICD-10 Delay

Below is a brief statement from CHIME President and CEO Rich Correll with regard to the ICD-10 delay announced by HHS:

"CHIME is pleased that CMS understood the importance of finalizing its proposed one year delay for compliance to ICD-10," said CHIME President and CEO Richard A. Correll. "In public comments filed last April, CHIME urged CMS to keep its proposed one year delay because a longer delay would seriously disrupt ongoing efforts to convert to ICD-10. And, as HHS itself recognizes, a longer delay would significantly increase the costs of converting to ICD-10. Overall CHIME applauds the efforts of HHS to quickly and decisively signal a commitment to ICD-10 conversion and we urge the Department to develop a clear path forward, with benchmarks, so that healthcare industry stakeholders can make the conversion in 2014. " 

Stephanie Fraser
Communications Coordinator, CHIME