CHIME announces $1M patient ID challenge

Wanted: A solution to the challenge of creating a universal way to identify patients that is safe and secure. If you think you may have the answer, it could result in a $1 million prize. 

The National Patient ID Challenge, a new initiative from the College of Healthcare Information Management Executives, is a year-long, $1-million effort to encourage entrepreneurs around the world to create a patient ID that is private, secure and safe, according to an announcement.

In an emailed statement, Health IT Now came out in support of CHIME's challenge, with Senior Vice President Robert Horne saying that the "lack of a system to match a patients information back to their own medical records presents huge patient safety concerns and needs to be addressed."

"As we digitize healthcare and patients move from one care setting to another, we need to ensure with 100 percent accuracy that we identify the right patient at the right time," Marc Probst, vice president and chief information officer of Intermountain Healthcare in Salt Lake City, said in the CHIME announcement. Announcement