Check out our new and improved Fierce sites!

Dear readers:

We're excited to unveil our major website redesign. 

FierceHealthcare has grown from a tiny start-up with one editor and one website into a full-blown news organization with 10 journalists filing stories for eight healthcare industry news websites--including FierceHealthIT--every day. We no longer simply aggregate news--we report breaking news, interview high-level industry executives, write special features, publish eBooks and produce live events. The massive expansion of our content has demanded that we overhaul how it's organized and presented to you.

Our goal was to make the site easier to navigate, enabling you to quickly glean important information and get on with your day. At the top of each page, you'll see a navigation bar where you can browse each of our sites or select content by its timeliness ("news") and topic. You can also easily locate our special news features, analysis and commentaries. You'll find even more resources under the "library," "events" and "jobs" tabs. So please check out our new streamlined sites and let us know what you think.

After all, we built them for you. - Wendy (@FierceHealthIT)

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