Cellnovo launches mobile diabetes app connected to insulin pump

Cellnovo, based in London, has launched what the company calls the world's first mobile-connected diabetes management system. Designed for use by patients with type 1 diabetes, the system includes a glucometer, a wirelessly connected insulin pump, an activity monitor, and a cell phone-based data transfer system.

The company, which received European Mark CE approval for its system in September, plans a "usability trial" involving about 100 patients. The study will be conducted in 10 diabetes centers across the U.K.

Cellnovo's insulin pump, advertised as the smallest on the market, attaches to the body with a Velcro strip and runs on rechargeable batteries. The pump is said to deliver an infusion that is within 1 to 2 percent of the desired dose.

The wireless handset, which looks like a smartphone, controls the insulin pump and automates the capture of relevant data, including glucose readings. Activity is measured by an accelerometer built into the insulin pump. Patients can also enter dietary data and indicate how they feel by clicking on a "smiley-face" icon.

"The launch of the Cellnovo system marks a new era in medicine where mobile connectivity is routinely embedded in medical devices," Cellnovo CEO William F. McKeon said in an announcement. "We are moving into an era where our doctors will routinely detect health issues over the web, before they worsen; and where patients and family members have the peace of mind that dangerous and costly emergencies can be avoided as early signs are immediately spotted."

No indication was given of whether or when the diabetes management system would be introduced into the U.S. A number of mobile applications for diabetes are available in this country. One of them, WellDoc's DiabetesManager, has been shown to lower HbA1c levels in patients with type 2 diabetes. The WellDoc system has been approved by the FDA and is being marketed by AT&T.

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