Bryan Vartabedian - 11 faces to follow in healthcare social media

Who: Bryan Vartabedian

Occupation: Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at Baylor College of Medicine; attending physician at Texas Children's Hospital

Twitter handle: @Doctor_V

Blog: 33 Charts

Why you should follow him: Vartabedian, who made FierceHealthcare's 2010 list of favorite bloggers, is a prime example of practicing what you preach. On any given day, his Twitter feed is flooded with advice-filled tweets, as well as re-tweets of advice and articles from fellow doctors and health professionals. His blog tends to focus on physicians in the online space, but he's not afraid to tackle other topics, such as teaching compassion to medical students, either. Vartabedian also has been a consultant for a number of healthcare start ups, and according to his blog, he has helped advise physician groups in their push to become relevant in the social media realm.

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