Box, eHealth Technologies to speed data delivery to patients; British scientists to make genetic sequence data publicly available;

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> Box and eHealth Technologies are forming a partnership to increase the speed of delivery of data, including medical images and records, to patients. "The storage, metadata and workflow of Box enables eHealth Technologies to go to market faster," said Colin Rhodes, CTO at eHealth Technologies, in an announcement. "We are excited about incorporating capabilities ... from Box partners directly into our core product suite." Announcement

> British scientists will soon launch a project that will make genetic sequence data on Ebola and MERS available to researchers across the world, according to Reuters. The scientists, working with authorities and West Africa and Saudi Arabia, hope the live data will help researchers discover new ways to treat and diagnose the diseases. Article

> A new telehealth program at the University of Michigan's C.S. Mott Children's Hospital will focus on childhood obesity, according to Healthcare Informatics. The hospital is partnering with digital wellness and telehealth platform Fruit Street health for the project. Article

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> The healthcare industry abounds with new ideas to reduce unplanned hospital readmissions and emergency department visits, but a New Jersey hospital has turned to a seemingly old-fashioned medical strategy--the house call. Article

> Olympus Corp. warned hospitals in Europe about the risk of patient infections associated with a certain type of gastrointestinal scope two years before the devices were linked to a deadly superbug outbreak in California. Article

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> The process of buying health insurance has never been an easy one. Rarely is it a pleasant process, either. But a wave of consumerism has swept over health insurance, thanks to the rising popularity of individual health insurance plans and the increasingly personalized nature of retail, travel, hospitality and even other types of insurance. Article

And Finally... Maybe he's the Phantom of the Opera's pet. Article