Beth Israel Deaconess declares Fridays 'email free;' Sutter Health, AstraZeneca partner to help cardiometabolic patients;

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> Fridays now are email free at Beth Israel Deaconess in Plymouth, Massachusetts, according to CBSBoston. The healthcare facility, after finding out through a survey that it's employees were overwhelmed by their email, has recommended on Fridays that no emails be sent internally to encourage employees to speak face to face instead of through a computer screen. Article

> Sutter Health and AstraZeneca are collaborating on ways to improve lives of cardiometabolic patients through designing and prototyping new tools to help create more personalized care. Some of those efforts will include helping patients and physicians better understand health record data and the testing of new care models and technologies. Announcement

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> The Department of Health and Human Services announced Tuesday that it will divert $101 million in Affordable Care Act funding to 164 new community health centers across the country in an effort to increase healthcare access. Article

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>  When the subject of embezzlement at physician practices comes up, often the focus is on elaborate schemes, misused credit or forgery. But while major cases tend to make headlines--such as the $1 million theft chronicled in a recent article from community newspaper Highlands Today--lax cash-handling policies are far more widespread and can put virtually any practice at risk. Article

> Concierge medicine, while growing modestly overall, is becoming more predominant in certain pockets of the country. But despite reports that the model produces high satisfaction for all involved, a high concentration of retainer-based practices represents challenges for patients and physicians. Article

And Finally... He just needed some Koala care. Article