Aurion 4.1 Released to Open Source Community

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Alembic Foundation's Aurion Project Delivers Newest Version of Open Source Software that Enhances Scalability and Performance and Expands Platform Neutrality

FAIRFAX, VA. (October 20, 2011) - The Alembic Foundation today announced that the open source volunteers participating in the Aurion Project have released Aurion 4.1 to the public. This release is the second release of Aurion, an open source health information exchange software based upon CONNECT from the Federal Health Architecture. The Aurion 4.1 release includes features that enhance scalability, performance and platform neutrality.

Details about the features and enhancements are included below and in further detail on the Aurion Web site. Aurion 4.1 is now available for download at

Aurion 4.1 Features and Enhancements
Aurion 4.1 includes many feature enhancements, bug fixes and software updates. The full list can be found at, and the following are examples of the updates:

  • Parallel Processing: When fanning a Patient Discovery or Document Retrieve request out to multiple communities, Aurion now sends all of the requests out and then collects responses as they complete. This approach removes the bottleneck of waiting for responses before sending a request to the next receiving system.
  • 64 Bit Source/Binary Instructions: Release includes installation instructions for 64 bit source/binary on Windows and on Linux.
  • Implement Performance Metric Hooks into Aurion: Release includes performance metric hooks into Aurion to be able to run reports on the performance of certain services.
  • Core Refactor: In prior versions of Aurion, many services were refactored though there were some services that had not been completed yet. As part of Aurion 4.1, the audit query adapter and connection manager were refactored.
  • HIEM-Related Fixes: In Aurion 4.1, a bug that prevented HIEM notify requests from being sent to the Nationwide Health Information Network was corrected.
  • Consumer Preferences Profile (CPP) Graphical User Interface (GUI) Fixes: The CPP GUI Web application was not able to update a previously-stored CPP document in Aurion 4.0. This was corrected in this release.
  • Oracle Database Creation Script: The Aurion database creation script was updated to be compatible with Oracle databases.
  • Linux Binary Instructions: The installation instructions for installing the binary release on Linux were validated and put on the Aurion wiki.
  • Investigate Build Tags for Automated Tests: Research was completed on what build tags from the original CONNECT build scripts are required to run the automated test suites.

Improved Testing
The volunteer team that built Aurion 4.1 incorporated testing into the build process. Testing completed with Aurion 4.1 includes:

  • Testing of specific issues that were completed
  • Testing of Windows binary install
  • Testing of Linux source install

In standing up the environments for Aurion, the community implemented continuous integration for builds, unit testing, and publishing of the release artifacts

Aurion 4.1 Contributors
Aurion's lineup of experienced and dedicated volunteers made the Aurion 4.1 release possible. Many developers contributed volunteered their time and abilities to create Aurion 4.1. The volunteer contributions were overseen by Les Westberg of Agilex Technologies and Jon Hoppesch of Harris Corporation.

Contributors included:

  • Agilex Technologies: Scott Borst, Neil Webb, and Les Westberg
  • Harris Corporation: Jon Hoppesch, Travis Zimmerman and Sai Valluripalli
  • Mirth Corporation: Dan Kaplan
  • U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command, Telemedicine and Advanced Technology Research Center (TATRC): Jerry Goodnough and Chrisjan Matser

About the Alembic Foundation

The Alembic Foundation is a nonprofit organization (501(c)(3)) dedicated to promoting transformation through disruptive innovation using open processes in open communities to create open technologies that are contributed to the public commons. We aim to make those technologies readily available for use by any and all who want to improve their lives, creating a better future for themselves and others by becoming first class citizens in a services-driven, networked information economy.

For more information about the Alembic Foundation, please visit

About the Aurion Project

Aurion is an open source health information exchange platform that implements the Nationwide Health Information Network standard services and specifications. Aurion is the first project chartered through the Alembic Foundation. It builds upon Aurion's direct ancestor, the multi-award winning CONNECT program built by FHA, to enable the secure exchange of interoperable health information among diverse organizations using a wide variety of technologies. Organizations implementing Aurion as a part of their health information exchange strategy gain the benefits of implementing nationally-recognized standards that enable data exchange with federal agencies as well as with numerous other health IT stakeholders.


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