Attorneys predict a big year for healthcare technology efforts

Three attorneys from national law firm McGuire Woods, LLP have compiled a list of 17 of their predicted "winners" and "losers" for 2013 in the healthcare economy in a recent article posted to Becker's ASC Review. Among the winners described by the attorneys were the growing medical device and mobile health technology fields, as well as EHR adoption and the use of technology in physician's offices. "We are starting to see the next generation of efforts aimed at utilizing data mined from an abundance of technology being deployed in healthcare," the attorneys wrote. "We are witnessing huge data mining efforts by health systems and companies. Analysts argue that 'understanding how to transform disparate data sources into meaningful tools to both improve patient care, patient safety, improve security and ultimately profit from it is the next great challenge.'" Article


The Real Payback of Healthcare Analytics

With the unpredictability of healthcare today, organizations are sharpening their focus on analytics to make more data-informed decisions. Join us for a roundtable session in which thought leaders will discuss how they are maximizing their analytics investments.