ATA launches online telemental health course; NYU Langone uses 'flight simulator' tech to help surgeons prep for operations;

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> The American Telemedicine Association last week announced the launch of an online telemental health course via its learning center. The course outlines necessary components to plan for and implement an online mental health service. Announcement

> New York University Langone Medical Center recently announced that its neurosurgeons are using new "flight simulator" technology to rehearse brain surgeries prior to operating on a patient. The platform creates a walkthrough based on 3-D imaging taken from a patient's CT and MRI scans. Announcement

> Colorado this week launched a new digital health challenge for companies looking to develop new products or services aimed at improving patient care while lowering costs. The challenge is being led by PrIME Health Collaborative, and will accept applications for its three-month course through July 11. Announcement

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> Hospital finance leaders and staff must be willing to engage patients early and often if they want a good chance of collecting all of their outstanding balances after a medical procedure, according to the leader of the Healthcare Financial Management Association's patient-friendly billing project. Article

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> Medicare will penalize about 750 hospitals across the country with the highest rates of infections and patient injuries, slapping them with about $330 million in sanctions, starting in October. The preliminary list, released in April, could change before Medicare sets final penalties later this year--the government will look at performance over a longer period to calculate draft penalties. Article

And Finally... If the open Facebook profile didn't doom him, the clothes probably would have. Article