Aetna, eviti Launch a Decision Support Program to Make Cancer Care More Effective and Efficient

Aetna, eviti Launch a Decision Support Program to Make Cancer Care More Effective and Efficient

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(formerly ITA Partners) and (NYSE: ) announced a joint program today that will help speed the identification and use of the best clinical practices in cancer care. Beginning later this year, participating Aetna oncologists in New York and New Jersey will have access to eviti’s evidence-based, decision support tool. The tool is available through , a data exchange and applications platform.

“We are strengthening ways to make cancer care more effective, more affordable and safer for our members,” says Lonny Reisman, M.D., Aetna chief medical officer. “We have proven that cancer treatment plans based on clinical evidence result in better patient outcomes, often with lower costs. With eviti, we are now taking another step forward with a program that addresses the majority of cancer types. And supported by our company-wide efforts to leverage data and innovations with the greatest potential to improve quality and value, eviti can quickly be available nationwide through Aetna and Medicity’s suite of technology.”

Aetna is the first national payer to add eviti to its oncology approach. Through iNexx, oncologists will have real-time access to eviti’s patent-pending, decision-support engine. This tool delivers treatment options that are evidence-based and compliant with each patient’s benefit plan. And the options are available at the moment a treatment is prescribed. This transparent treatment plan, review, and selection process:

“We expect unwarranted deviations from evidence-based medicine to drop from 35 percent to less than 10 percent once oncologists begin using eviti,”says Eduardo Beruff, eviti, Inc. CEO. “Everyone benefits when a patient gets the most effective, proven level of therapy combined with the most appropriate treatment for side effects. Quality of life improves and unplanned hospital admissions decrease.”

A unique eviti code also automatically links treatment plans with payment from Aetna. As a result, oncologists will benefit from a streamlined, automated preauthorization process. eviti’s program offers the most complete and unbiased digital library of more than 1,200 evidence-based treatment regimens for more than 120 cancer types. The regimens are compiled from government and industry data and take into account costs, effectiveness, side effects and outcomes. In addition, the library includes more than 9,000 federally registered clinical trials. eviti is used as a web-based application or as a part of electronic health records software.

Aetna expects to expand the program to more states in 2012.

The program is part of Aetna’s established, collaborative approach to cancer care that includes:

“We are building on a foundation of successful oncology programs that we began in 2009 and have continued to expand. Ongoing advancements in treatment, data collection and sharing capabilities can accelerate the benefits of evidence-based cancer care,” Reisman says.

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eviti, Inc. is a leading health information technology and clinical decision-support company delivering solutions to improve the quality of cancer care and reduce its cost. eviti represents the culmination of almost a decade of experience providing oncology treatment intelligence, uniquely delivering value to all parties in the care process by ensuring quality care is prescribed from the start. For more information, visit .

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