Acurian Announces Availability of Trial Enrollment Cost Reports

Reports compare the cost of adding sites, time, and third-party patient recruitment services as trial enrollment options

Acurian Announces Availability of Trial Enrollment Cost Reports

Acurian, Inc.Scott Connor, Vice President, Marketing215-323-9028

Acurian, Inc., a leading, full-service provider of global patient enrollment and retention solutions, announced today the availability of clinical trial enrollment reports which provide cost analyses for over 30 therapeutic indications. These analyses, available to clinical trial sponsors, offer objective insight into the budget implications associated with specialty recruitment services as compared to adding sites and/or time.

“We often hear that patient recruitment is an expensive option when sponsors need to fill a current or expected enrollment shortfall,” commented Rick Malcolm, Acurian’s CEO. “However, our industry has not consistently evaluated the cost implications associated with letting a trial linger beyond the original timelines, or those associated with adding more sites. While these are widely accepted practices, they too come at a cost that is often times more expensive than assumed.”

Malcolm indicated that Acurian recently licensed clinical trial costing software from TTC/IMS in order to develop the Company’s cost comparison reports.

“Many sponsors use TTC or other industry-standard tools as part of their overall clinical budgeting process. We’ve simply taken a laser focus on one area of trial costs to help study managers make truly informed, data-driven decisions,” explained Malcolm. “For Acurian, the debate over whether or not we can increase enrollment in the prescribed timeframe is over. We have dozens of case studies that prove Acurian recruitment is predictable and successful. Now it is our responsibility to help sponsors see that we are also, in many cases, the most cost effective option as well.”

At the 49th annual DIA meeting in Boston, Acurian unveiled a new publication – Clinovations – that highlights the cost analysis discussion and availability of Acurian’s trial enrollment cost reports. Clinovations is available for download at: . The cost report order form is available for download at: .

Acurian is a leading full-service provider of clinical trial patient enrollment and retention solutions for the life sciences industry. The company increases the enrollment performance of investigator sites worldwide by identifying, contacting, prescreening, and referring people who live in the local community but are unknown to a research site. As a result, trial sponsors complete enrollment without incurring the unexpected expense of adding sites, time, or CRO change orders. Acurian's investors include Euclid SR Partners, ProQuest Investments, JP Morgan Partners, Flatiron Partners, CDP Capital Technology Ventures, and Merck Capital Ventures.


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