Active video games don't actually help children; iPhone solid for viewing some MRI images;

> Children who play active video games such as Wii Sports or Dance Dance Revolution are no more active than children playing less physically demanding video games, a new study by researchers from the Baylor College of Medicine finds. Article

> The iPhone is equivalent to most medical imaging workstations when it comes to interpreting knee MRI images, according to a study presented at the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons meeting in San Francisco this month, reports. Article

> In a "Reader's Write" edition of HIStalk, iSirona CEO Dave Dyell discusses why device connectivity is such a hot issue at the moment. "I believe that the real momentum behind [medical device integration] ... is rooted in MDI's payoff," Dyell says. "The promises of MDI--improved clinical efficiency and quality--mirror the promises of other large, federally mandated initiatives." Post

And Finally... Glad I don't plan on going to Namibia anytime soon. Article

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