A GREAT LEAP FORWARD IN CANCER TREATMENT: Launch of Next Generation Genomic Supercomputing Platform Reduces Cancer Treatment Analysis from Months to Seconds

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At an event hosted by the Bipartisan Policy Center (BPC) and Doctors Helping Doctors, alongside Senator Bill Frist, MD, Senior Fellow at the BPC, J. Michael McGinnis, MD, Senior Scholar at the Institute of Medicine, medical thought leaders, philanthropists, and representatives from leading global businesses, Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong, Chairman of NantHealth and the Chan Soon-Shiong Institute for Advanced Health, will announce a revolutionary advance in cancer treatment innovation on October 3 at 8:00am ET at the Newseum in Washington, D.C.

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NantHealth’s revolution in genomic analysis will reduce the necessary time for analysis from 8 weeks to an . For the first time, oncologists can compare virtually every known treatment option on the basis of genetics, risk, and cost – before treatment begins, not after.

Oncologists currently prescribe a course of cancer treatment based on the anatomical location of the cancer. Yet a patient with breast cancer could benefit from the positive results discovered from a patient with lung cancer, if the underlying molecular pathways involving both cancers were the same. The inability to utilize genomic sequencing to guide treatment has been due to the inability to convert a patient’s DNA into actionable information in actionable time. Genomic analysis has taken an average of 8 to 10 weeks to complete. That delay leads not just to less efficient, more costly care, but sometimes to the wrong course of treatment altogether – and, thus, higher mortality. That is unacceptable.

But by collaborating with Blue Shield of California, the Chan Soon-Shiong Institute for Advanced Health, the National LambdaRail, Doctors Helping Doctors, Verizon, Bank of America, AT&T, Intel, and Hewlett-Packard, NantHealth has built a supercomputer-based high-speed fiber network that will not only provide thousands of oncology practices with life-saving information, but do so in faster time. says Dr. Soon-Shiong, leader of the research team.

Accuracy will also be radically improved. Among NantHealth’s partner oncologists utilizing its fact-based software platform (eviti - , the number of cases where doctors have made incorrect recommendations has dropped from 32% to virtually zero. Dr. Soon-Shiong emphasized.

Through NantHealth’s genomic analysis network, doctors can finally make cancer treatment more efficient, more effective, and more affordable for more patients. And with public and private partners equally as committed to reshaping the way doctors deliver healthcare and treat cancer, there are no limits to what this health information breakthrough might lead to for all cancer patients.

The core mission of NantWorks, LLC, is to converge a wide range of technologies to accelerate scientific discoveries, enhance research and improve healthcare treatment and outcomes. Founded and led by Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong, NantWorks is building an integrated fact-based, genomically-informed, personalized approach to the delivery of care and the development of next generation diagnostics and therapeutics. For more information, see


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