6 physician social networks at a glance: PeerCase

Site: PeerCase 

Created: 2010

CEO: Tony Salah

Number of members: 150+

Target audience: Oncologists

About the network: PeerCase runs like a hybrid of LinkedIn and Facebook, according to Salah, who worked at Medscape and WebMD prior to PeerCase's kickoff. The network launched in alpha form at the American Society of Hematology's annual meeting in Orlando last December and in beta form at the American Society of Clinical Oncology's annual meeting in Chicago last month. PeerCase allows oncologists to talk about specific cases, sharing information in a secure setting. 

Salah sees the network's exclusivity as a big plus, as it allows for what he calls more in-depth correspondence. He also believes that smaller networks such as this one and OrthoMind are more suited for doctors' needs. "We measure success as the activity level consisting of high-quality discussions," he says. "If you go to Medscape and Sermo and other places, there's a lot of nonmedical discussions going on and people--and this is just from me talking to oncologists in particular--haven't had a positive experience [based on] the quality of discussions going on there."