6 physician social networks at a glance: Ozmosis

Site: Ozmosis 

Created: 2008

CEO: Joel Selzer

Target audience: All U.S. physicians

About the network: The second oldest of the networks reviewed, Ozmosis's focus has shifted from primarily connecting physicians to "the unique collaboration and workflow requirements of the healthcare industry," according to Selzer. The company provides a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform via OzmosisESP for private license and use by its customers, specifically hospitals and life sciences firms. It aims to improve provider education, training, and engagement to accelerate clinical research and development. "We're more akin to Jive Software and Box.net," Selzer says. 

The social network, Ozmosis.org, which has "thousands" of members (Selzer did not make clear the exact number) remains intact, as well. It is a closed community that does not allow advertising or commercial solicitation, and for that reason, Selzer says, it does not see other physician social media sites (such as Doximity and Sermo) as competitors, a change in strategy from 2009. "It is simply a free, public service we provide to U.S. licensed physicians and has given our team terrific insight into how physicians interact online," he says.

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