2007 a tough year for health IT legislation?

Many healthcare policy wonks are speculating that 2007 will be a big year for health IT legislation. Observers say that while some health IT measures got stuck on the Hill in 2006, in the coming year legislators are likely to see health IT as a priority. With the private sector signaling that it's more than ready for health IT change--supporting data-driven initiatives such as PHRs, EMRs and pay-for-performance schemes--legislators have gotten the message that the market is ready to move.

However, Joseph Goedert of Health Data Management is less optimistic about the new Congress's ability to pass health IT legislation. For one thing, in 2006 health IT had the support of the Bush administration as well as a number of influential members of Congress, but little progress was made. Now Congress and the President are from different parties, which won't do much to help the matter. Goedert outlines a number of other issues that could make health IT legislation challenging in 2007.

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