What can we learn from Mickey Mouse?

This past March, I made it to the ACHE Congress, where they awarded Fred Lee with the 2004 Book of the Year Award, forIf Disney Ran Your Hospital

Well, the book was sold out at the conference, but I finally bought a copy from the publisher. Not only has Mr. Lee written a great book, he has chosen a fantastic topic. We need more books and resources like this - we especially need to learn from outside of our industry. We should learn about supply chain from Wal-Mart, new product design from Apple, and customer delight from Disney.

Fred Lee calls managing today's hospital "the hardest management job in the world." In this book he focuses particularly on "those approaches that bring out the best behaviors in workers and provide the best emotional experience for patients."

And for the record, I want to state that this was one of the best business books I’ve ever read. I probably had 3 or 4 mini "A-ha’s" in each of the 10 chapters, so I definitely would recommend you purchasing a copy for yourself. Some of the concepts will definitely challenge your current thinking. After you’re done, I bet you’ll think of several people in your organization to pass it along to.

I wanted to share with you the eight biggest “A-ha’s” that I took away. I’ll dig deeper into each in the coming days.

Here are the 8 big impact ideas from "If Disney Ran Your Hospital"

1. Perceptions > Reality
2. Courtesy > Efficiency
3. Patient Loyalty > Patient Satisfaction
4. Experience > Service > Product
5. Intrinsic Motivation > Extrinsic Motivation
6. Habit > Imagination > Willpower > Compliance
7. Dissatisfaction > Complacency
8. Doing > Knowing