In an increasingly competitive environment, the healthcare system needs to evolve to better meet the needs of communities.

Healthcare players shouldn't fear rapid industry change and the growing emphasis on consumerism, experts said.

Areas of unfinished business as FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb leaves include tobacco use among kids, OTC reform and prescription drug prices.

With 274 of you weighing in, "IoT" beat out "SaaS" 62% to 38%, while the word "transformative" beat out "game changer"…

Despite headlines to the contrary, a new survey found that doctors are generally happy in both their lives and their careers.

In states that implement Medicaid work requirements, hospital operating margins could drop between -.4 and -2.2 in states, the report estimates.

Little progress has been made in the transition to risk-based models as healthcare executives remain concerned about the threat of financial losses.

Surprise bills could shape up to be a contentious issue in healthcare.