Healthcare Roundup—13 state attorneys general denounce Trump administration's proposed Title X changes 

Thirteen state attorneys general have denounced the Trump administration's planned Title X changes. (Getty/monkeybusinessimages)

California AG Becerra leads coalition against proposed Title X changes

A group of 13 state attorneys general, led by California Attorney General Xavier Becerra, have filed a letter opposing the Trump administration's planned changes to the Title X program.

The Department of Health and Human Services issued a proposed rule in May that would block family planning providers from receiving Title X funds if they make abortion referrals. The plan, the attorneys general write, does not take the costs to women, states and healthcare providers into account.

California operates the country's largest Title X program, which serves 1 million people per year.


2019 Drug Pricing and Reimbursement Stakeholder Summit

Given federal and state pricing requirements arising, press releases from industry leading pharma companies, and the new Drug Transparency Act, it is important to stay ahead of news headlines and anticipated requirements in order to hit company profit targets, maintain value to patients and promote strong, multi-beneficial relationships with manufacturers, providers, payers, and all other stakeholders within the pricing landscape. This conference will provide a platform to encourage a dialogue among such stakeholders in the pricing and reimbursement space so that they can receive a current state of the union regarding regulatory changes while providing actionable insights in anticipation of the future.

"Making it harder for millions of women to access healthcare doesn't make America great," Becerra said. "This illegal rule gags our nation's doctors and denies patients information they need to make the best decisions for their health and families." (Announcement)

UNC Health Care hospital offering patients 70% off outstanding bills ahead of sale

UNC Health Care is offering patients a big discount on outstanding bills at High Point Regional hospital ahead of its sale to Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center.

The health system said it will write off the remaining 70% of outstanding bills if patients pay 30% in full by Aug. 15. The discount is applicable to bills incurred on or before June 1.

UNC said it hopes the discount is a "win-win" for both patients and the system as the sale nears.

"UNC Health Care is seeking to settle as many accounts as possible prior to the transaction close," it said. "This is a common practice within the industry." (Winston-Salem Journal)

MDLive closes $50M funding round

MDLive closed a $50 million investment funding round this week, which was led by two of its biggest partners, Cigna and Health Care Service Corporation (HCSC).

MDLive CEO Richard Berner said the investments solidify the longstanding relationship between the insurance companies and the telehealth provider. Health Velocity Capital also made significant investments.

"This not only signals an endorsement from existing clients for us but from the industry overall," Berner said. (FierceHealthcare)

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