The American College of Physicians has called for pay equity for all physicians regardless of gender, race and other characteristics.

An ethics agreement obtained by the Washington Post requires CDC Director Brenda Fitzgerald to avoid government business involving health IT.

House Republicans have unveiled a set of bills that would delay some of the ACA taxes that have bedeviled the healthcare industry.

CMS added new infection rate quality measure data to its "compare" sites for long-term and inpatient rehab facilities.

There are challenges inherent in being in both the value-based payment world and the fee-for-service world simultaneously.

More work could be done on online portals to help patients understand what test results mean, according to a new study.

Having successfully beaten one fraud case brought against it, UnitedHealth is asking a federal judge to dismiss a similar case.

A new OIG advisory approving a medication management pilot project provides a glimpse into how the agency plans to regulate innovative new partnerships.

ORLANDO, Fla.—Hospitals have made progress in patient safety, but now attention must turn to outpatient settings.

It’s not just a shortage of primary care doctors that the country needs to worry about. The emerging shortage also includes physician specialists.