ZeOmega Earns Milliman Care Guidelines CareWebQI® Integration Certification

SEATTLE, June 9 /PRNewswire/ -- ZeOmega's Jiva care management software has been fully integrated with Milliman Care Guidelines' CareWebQI® interactive software.  

To attain the Milliman Care Guidelines Integration Certification, ZeOmega -- a leading provider of web-enabled, rules-based workflow software for integrated care management -- had to demonstrate seamless Jiva workflow and enhanced usability with Milliman Care Guidelines® clinical guidelines and other content, delivered through CareWebQI

ZeOmega's Jiva is designed to transform traditional episodic-based case management into proactive and collaborative care management.  Integration with CareWebQI gives care managers and providers access to the Care Guidelines clinical content which supports their efforts to deliver optimal healthcare.  

"Integration of Jiva with CareWebQI brings added value to our clients seeking evidence-based, quality outcomes," notes Sam Rangaswamy, ZeOmega's Chief Executive Officer.   "Care managers and physicians can now interact with the CareWebQI software through Jiva in real time, and access the Care Guidelines, which are tools to assist in the assessment of appropriateness of care.  In addition, Jiva's analytics-driven automated workflow capabilities already incorporate clinical rules, protocols and assessments.  This allows our clients to leverage this integration and Jiva's capabilities to consistently and efficiently direct evidence-based care."

The Care Guidelines are available in many software solutions with feature-rich interfaces.  These interfaces enable third-party vendors to integrate Care Guidelines clinical content, primarily through the CareWebQI software, into their own applications.  The Milliman Care Guidelines Strategic Alliances team employs a structured integration certification program that certifies and supports content integrations, ensuring product quality and client satisfaction.

Integrations such as this leverage the evidence-based Care Guidelines clinical content and help healthcare organizations to improve the quality of clinical outcomes.  

"Our Integration Certification program helps our Strategic Alliance Partners to tightly integrate the Care Guidelines content and interactive software with their own applications, such as Jiva," said Lynn Nemiccolo, Milliman Care Guidelines Vice President of Product Management.  "These certified integrations assure shared clients that our evidence-based clinical content is tightly integrated with selected medical management programs to support world-class healthcare delivery."

About ZeOmega

ZeOmega LLC, based in Texas, is a premier provider of software solutions for Collaborative Healthcare Management.  ZeOmega's suite of care management software, which includes EHRs, personalized care plans, decision support and portals, transforms traditional episodic-based care management into a proactive and collaborative population healthcare management.  ZeOmega's flagship product Jiva is the only platform in the market that enables health care payors to implement enterprise wide collaboration by deploying member services, medical management, appeals and grievance management and care management in a single platform to give them a holistic view of the member across their enterprise to better manage member satisfaction and costs.  ZeOmega's solutions are deployed at public and private customers covering more than 20 million lives.  For further information, visit: www.ZeOmega.com.

About Milliman Care Guidelines

Milliman Care Guidelines LLC, A Milliman Company, is located in Seattle, and independently develops and produces evidence-based clinical guidelines and software used by more than 1,700 clients, including more than 950 hospitals, seven of the eight largest US health plans, and 25 Centers for Medicare and Medicaid audit contractors.  Covering the continuum of care, the seven-product Care Guidelines series is updated annually by an experienced team of clinicians and is used to support the care management of a majority of Americans.  For more information, visit www.careguidelines.com.

About Milliman

Milliman Care Guidelines is a wholly owned subsidiary of Milliman, Inc., which is among the world's largest independent actuarial and consulting firms.  Founded in Seattle in 1947 as Milliman & Robertson, the company now has 52 offices in key locations worldwide.  Milliman employs more than 2,400 people.  The firm has consulting practices in healthcare, employee benefits, property and casualty insurance, life insurance, and financial services.  Milliman serves the full spectrum of business, financial, government, union, education, and nonprofit organizations.  For further information, visit www.milliman.com.

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