Wireless pacemakers could soon be standard; $90B price tag for cancer 'cannot be ignored';

> The first implantation of a wireless pacemaker in the U.S. took place less than a year ago, but cardiologists and patients alike already seem sold on the technology. "I truly believe the wireless pacemaker will become the industry standard within the next few years," said Dr. David Mulholland, a cardiologist with the Jackson (Miss.) Heart Clinic. FierceMobileHealthcare

> The overall cost of treating cancer in the U.S. has more than doubled since 1990 to $90 billion, something that commentators writing in the Journal of the American Medical Association believe "cannot be ignored," reports Bloomberg News. Article

> A former Massachusetts-based dentist was found guilty of fraud for trying to save money by routinely using paper clips instead of posts to complete a root canal procedure in several of his patients. Article

And Finally... Next time this guy may want to try taking a walk. Or going to the gym. Or anything else. Article