Will other pharmas give away free drugs; FCC considers offering new spectrum for medical devices;

> Last week, Pfizer got major kudos from the media and public when it announced it would give away some of its most popular drugs for free to people who have lost their jobs. Now, the question is whether its peers will follow suit. FiercePharma

> The FCC is considering a new rule that would provide additional spectrum, or more radio frequencies, which would support a wider range of wireless medical devices. The agency is proposing to allow use of  "wireless micro-power networks" that connect networked and implanted stimulation devices. FierceHealthIT

> New research suggests that RFID technology has a definite place in healthcare, especially in hospitals with relevant problems such as a need to track missing devices. FierceMobileHealthcare

> As if the FDA doesn't have enough to do already, here's yet another item for its to-do list: The agency is facing a huge task in inspecting overseas manufacturing plans in places like China and India, which collectively boast almost 1,000 facilities. FiercePharma

And Finally... Looks like this dog is a scaredy-cat. Article