White House, Reps want more pharma cuts; Inpatient care shifting to cardiac, surgical and ICU/critical care;

> So, apparently President Obama and the House of Representatives want more than the original $80 billion Big Pharma has agreed to already. I'll bet pharma execs are already yelling: "Hey, you guys are no fair!" FiercePharma

> According to a new survey, inpatient volume should shift toward cardiac, surgical and ICU/critical care specialties in coming years. FierceHealthFinance

> If you've never seen a full-out health IT road show, you should catch the one mounted by a group of leading EHR vendors designed to educate doctors on the health IT portions of the stimulus bill. FierceEMR

> Just...wow. Injecting stem cells into the brains of mice seems to rescue memory lost to Alzheimer's, according to researchers at the University of California. FierceBiotechResearch

And Finally... You know, I don't think U.S. workers would respond very well to this software. (I think they might throw the laptop out of the window.) Article