What status do EMRs have?; Wyeth vaccine faces legal challenge;

> Increasingly, doctors and IT experts are concerned that Electronic Medical Records have no clear legal status and any electronically-stored data could be used in a trial. FierceHealthIT

> The Georgia Supreme Court is allowing a suit to go forward that attempts prove that a Wyeth vaccine containing thimerosal caused their son's disability. FiercePharma

> Two employees of Boston-based Partners Healthcare are facing accusations that they funneled IT work worth several hundred thousands dollars to an IT consultant in exchange for kickbacks. FierceHealthIT

> It's begun to look like an experimental anti-cancer drug can prevent or even reverse cardiovascular damage in a mouse model of progeria, a dramatic form of human premature aging. FierceBioResearcher

And Finally... My 3-year old already thinks he's a deity. But maybe this one's right. Article