What bring-your-CEO-to-work day can do for your hospital

Raymond Hino, CEO of Mendocino Coast District Hospital in California, during the past 20 years (and more frequently in the past couple) has conducted full-day rounds within the hospital units, including ambulance, rural health clinic, home health, billing and collections, surgery, and even plant maintenance. Known as "Bring-your-CEO-to-work day," "Adopt a CEO," or "Ray Day," the goal of the program is for the CEO to immerse himself in the department, while staff have the administrator's ear.

"Working side-by-side with our staff has been incredibly rewarding," Hino wrote in a Hospital Impact blog post. "I have learned how to answer a switchboard telephone, serve as a receptionist, and assemble patient charts, along with other assigned duties. Each one of these tasks is important and necessary to provide high-quality patient care." --Read the full Hospital Impact blog post