What are the dangers of a 'cut-and-paste' mentality for EHRs?; Insurers ride new wave of wellness-based plans;

> Is cutting and pasting a 'modern medical illness' or an attempt to fix an old malady? FierceHealthIT's Neil Versel is wondering exactly that with regard to modern electronic health records. "Poor decision-making leads to hundreds of thousands of serious medical errors and deaths each year, suggesting that old ways aren't working," he says. "Couldn't a little bit of standardization help? Commentary

> "The health reform law could provide new 'opportunities of convergence' as employers seek out the best bang for their buck and the nation's healthcare system takes on a newly preventive slant," writes FierceHealthPayer's Caralyn Davis. "If health insurers are able to create targeted wellness programs that address the needs of both employers and employees, we may soon enter a new age where the image of the health insurer as a mere pencil pusher is but a distant memory." Commentary

> According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly 40 percent of all Americans got ordinary flu vaccinations in 2009, likely due to fear of the swine flu. Brief

And Finally... Mike Tyson would have been proud. Article