WellPoint spent $1.2M on lobbying in Q4 2009; One-fourth of Californians were uninsured last year;

> In the fourth quarter of 2009 alone, WellPoint spent $1.2 million lobbying the federal government on issues such as a federal insurance exchange and a public option for individuals seeking coverage-a 24 percent increase from Q4 spending on lobbying in 2008. Article

> According to a new report compiled by UCLA's Center for Health Policy Research, roughly one-fourth of Californians had no health insurance coverage in 2009. Article

> A New Jersey dentist who dumped close to 250 needles and other dental waste along the beaches of Avalon in 2008 will not serve any jail time, but has been ordered to pay $100,000 after a plea deal. The debris caused the beaches to be closed for five days, with cleanup costing just over $70,000. Article

> Chemicals found in bananas called Lectins have been shown to be effective in helping to block HIV transmission. Article

And Finally... The public wants what it wants. Article