WellPoint named in sexual-battery suit

And the steamy plot gets thicker. A month after it kicked out Wall Street darling David Colby as CFO, WellPoint was named as a defendant in a suit accusing Colby of varied nasty misdeeds, including sexual battery.

Prior to his dismissal from WellPoint, Colby earned a $740,000 salary and had been awarded stock options worth about $1.7 million at the time. He's since sold $100 million plus of WellPoint stock.

In the suit, former employee Sarah Waugh says Colby maintained relationships with her and (brace yourself) 15 other women. Her suit contends WellPoint should have acted to protect her from Colby, who, she contends, apparently engaged in high-risk intimate practices which spread STDs to his partners. Instead, she says, WellPoint actually helped him maintain this lifestyle by arranging personal and business trips for Colby's paramours. 

As lurid as this tale is, it's not the only romantic misdeed being laid at Colby's doorstep. Just before he was dismissed, another girlfriend filed suit demanding Colby give her a $4.4 million house as promised. And did we mention that at last report, he was still married to his second wife?

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