Welch Allyn Introduces New EHR Preparation and Selection Services Program

Welch Allyn, a leading global manufacturer of frontline medical products and solutions, today introduced its first professional consulting program, EHR (Electronic Health Record) Preparation and Selection Services. The program is designed to guide medical practices systematically through the complex process of EHR vendor selection. Studies have shown that physicians and their office staffs struggle with the process of selecting an EHR vendor and are fearful that the wrong choice may result in significant losses in revenue and productivity during the implementation process.

"The key to successful EHR selection is preparation, yet most medical practices have neither the time nor resources to properly prepare," said Jay Mangicaro, senior category manager, Integrated Partners, at Welch Allyn. "Our new EHR Preparation and Selection Services program offers an optimal mix of expert consulting, an easy-to-follow project plan, and an intuitive online tool that addresses the challenges associated with selecting an EHR vendor."

Welch Allyn partnered with TransforMED, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the American Academy of Family Physicians that specializes in helping physicians and their office staffs adopt the patient-centered medical home model of care.

"EHR selection and implementation are fundamental steps toward becoming a patient-centered medical home," said Terry McGeeney, M.D., MBA, president and CEO of TransforMED. "We at TransforMED are pleased to collaborate with Welch Allyn on a product that will ease the frustration and uncertainty associated with selecting and successfully implementing this technology."

TransforMED's practice enhancement experts worked closely with EHR industry expert and consultant Bruce Kleaveland to contribute to the development of the new product offering. The company will be instrumental in helping deploy the service to primary care practices nationwide.  Welch Allyn's EHR Preparation and Selection Services offers three flexible packages designed to fit any medical practice's unique needs and budget.

EHR Prep-Select

The Prep-Select program is a high-value and low-cost do-it-yourself consulting service designed to guide practices through the complex EHR preparation and selection process. The program is organized into a comprehensive 10-step project that is further broken down into nearly 40 individual assignments that are easy to manage and execute.  EHR Prep-Select includes four hours of consulting with an experienced industry expert to assist with planning and managing each practice's selection project. Practices are also granted access to a proprietary and intuitive Web portal that contains electronic worksheets, templates, surveys and tables designed to streamline the process of capturing, analyzing and disseminating EHR project data between internal staff and EHR vendors.

EHR Prep-Select "Plus"

Some EHR Prep-Select clients may realize the need for additional consulting time to help supplement the internal resources required to complete a full EHR selection project. In such circumstances, Welch Allyn offers ad hoc consulting bundles in half- and full-day increments. The extra hours provide a flexible and affordable means to help overcome unexpected project obstacles in a timely and efficient manner.

EHR Prep-Select "Premier"
Many medical practices recognize up front that they do not have the time or expertise to manage an EHR preparation and selection project without substantial assistance. Welch Allyn's EHR Prep-Select "Premier" offers expert hands-on consulting from start to finish. Custom pricing proposals for Prep-Select "Premier" consulting services will be based on the scope of work required by each individual practice.
All EHR Prep-Select options are designed to systematically guide practices toward an informed and cost-effective EHR selection decision, positioning them to be well-prepared for the implementation process that follows.
To learn more about Welch Allyn's EHR Preparation and Selection Services program, visit www.welchallyn.com/wafor/physicians/EHR/selectingehr.htm.

About TransforMED

The Leawood, Kansas-based TransforMED LLC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the American Academy of Family Physicians. Established in 2008, TransforMED provides ongoing consultation and support to physicians looking to transform their practices to a new model of care that is based on the concept of a patient-centered personal medical home. TransforMED is an active member of primary care communities and recognizes and supports the unique value that primary care offers to patients and the health care system.

TransforMED shares and supports the idealism and altruism of primary care physicians and the strong commitment to their communities and patients through continuing patient relationships and independent decision making. TransforMED offers practices both products and services, including consultation and advice on implementing the new model. To learn more about TransforMED, visit www.transformed.com.

About Welch Allyn

Founded in 1915 and headquartered in Skaneateles Falls, New York (USA), Welch Allyn is a leading global manufacturer of medical diagnostic equipment and a complete range of digital and connected solutions.  With over 2,300 employees working in 17 different countries, Welch Allyn specializes in helping doctors, nurses, and other frontline practitioners across the globe provide the best patient care by developing innovative products, breakthrough technologies, and cutting-edge solutions that help them see more patients, detect more conditions, and improve more lives.  More information about Welch Allyn and its complete line of connected products and solutions may be found at www.welchallyn.com.