Web-based Transition of Care via iGetBetter.com to Reduce Readmissions

A Solution w/Library of Plans Bridges Providers w/Various EMRs; Prevents Rehospitalization

BOSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- iGetBetter announced today at the 2011 Connected Health Symposium availability of the www.iGetBetter.com, a Solution consisting of a Web-based platform and a library of customizable care plans enabling provider teams, patients and caregivers to improve patients transition from hospital to home, thus improving quality of care and reducing hospital readmissions.

“The healthcare industry is facing unprecedented pressure to provide cost-effective, quality care, and vendors are developing new technologies for healthcare organizations to respond to consumer and purchaser demand for more convenient access to care,” said Lynne A. Dunbrack, program director of Connected Health IT Strategies at IDC Health Insights. “Consumers value convenience and when they are empowered to more easily coordinate care for themselves or family members, or to actually receive directions, feedback and patient care online, there is a large potential to make an impact on both healthcare outcomes and costs.”

Smooth Transition of Care Can Reduce Hospital Readmissions

The iGetBetter.com Solution enables all healthcare providers in the care continuum, be they at a physician’s office or at an Accountable Care Organization (ACO), to tightly coordinate patient care by engaging patients in their clinical journey, providing feedback on their recovery, and asking questions which can be answered by the clinical staff. And, physicians are looking for technology to help them provide quality care to their patients.

“I am excited that via the Web and IT tools I can assist my patients in following prescribed care protocols, so we can jointly improve their care and prevent rehospitalization,” said Yuri Maricich, MD, MBA, at the University of Virginia Medical Center. “Patients can access iGetBetter through any browser, follow evidenced-based recommendations, receive reminders and collect information, so that I can know whether they are, for example, monitoring their blood pressure, exercising or taking medications, allowing me to intercept potential issues.”

Engaging Patients

The iGetBetter Solution provides patients and the care teams with patients’ feedback and analysis of their care during outpatient treatment which they can access via any browser on PCs or Macs, or via iPad. Engaged patients improve their clinical outcomes and reduce hospital readmissions.

“With almost two decades of developing care plans for patients at OPED, our parent company, we are excited to deliver on our vision to leverage the Web for connecting providers and patients,” said Stephan Habermeyer, CEO of iGetBetter and founder of OPED AG. “Providers, such as some teaching hospitals that are testing iGetBetter, payers and the public at large agree that getting patients engaged in their health is a motivator which ensures better health outcomes. And, making care plans and instructions available via a Web browser ensures that patients follow protocols and providers can prevent complications.”

Customizable Care Plans Improve Transition of Care

ACOs and physicians’ offices can leverage efficiency of this interactive, robust Web-based platform and the pre-built library of customizable care plans with transition of care protocols and delivery of daily “information prescriptions” to patients for maximum motivation, thus improving the quality of care, which reduces costs. The iGetBetter Solution is cloud-resident, and requires no installation of software.

iGetBetter enables healthcare providers to:

  • engage patients in their care by collecting information about their health status and providing them with customized care instructions;
  • share patient information among all care providers even if their data resides on different EMRs; and
  • analyze information at the provider’s site, empowering care follow up while the patient is at home, and documenting care for easier payments.

The iGetBetter platform is user-friendly and enables providers to create and edit care plans, interact with patients and analyze data to create better care outcomes. iGetBetter also includes care plan templates (e.g., heart failure plan, pneumonia follow-up plan, knee rehabilitation plan), which can be edited based on individual patient needs, and can also be adjusted for various indications and levels. This HIPAA-compliant platform also enables inclusion of rich media instructions, ability to make changes to care plans such as levels or type of exercise, medication and dosage, and collection of signature or consent forms.

The iGetBetter.com Solution is available immediately.

About iGetBetter

Established in 2009, iGetBetter develops, markets and services www.iGetBetter.com, a Web-based solution empowering physicians’ practices and healthcare organizations to remotely engage patients in their treatments and recovery as they transition from hospital to home. Based in Waltham, Massachusetts, iGetBetter is a spinoff from OPED AG, a Switzerland-headquartered company with almost two-decades of design and development of user-inspired devices and care plans.

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