Ways to solve physician dissatisfaction; FDA approves first stem cell trial;

> Over at Hospital Impact, Dr. Kenneth H. Cohn discusses the ways that physician dissatisfaction can be alleviated which, in turn, could improve the overall quality of care. Hospital Impact

> Like hospitals around the country, Iowa facilities have been struggling with growing volumes of uninsured patients in recent years. Now, with the recession reaching new heights, things are getting worse, hospital administrators say. FierceHealthFinance

> The FDA has approved the first trial of a therapy derived from embryonic stem cells. The trial--run by Menlo Park, CA-based Geron--will test GRNOPC1 in patients with acute spinal cord injury. FierceBiotech

> Want the skinny on the acting FDA chief straight from the horse's mouth? You're in luck. His first full day on the job, Dr. Frank Torti penned a "viewpoint" memo, which you can read--or listen to--on the FDA website. FiercePharma

And finally... Maybe I should move to Nebraska and test my luck. Article