Wahoo Fitness Announces New ANT+ API for Android

Compatibility Transforms Google Android Smartphone into the Ultimate Fitness Tracker

ATLANTA, March 31, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Wahoo Fitness, a leading maker of hardware and software that delivers real-time fitness and health data to smartphones, announced today the release of the first ANT+ application program interface (API) that connects Google Android smartphones to Wahoo Fitness products and any ANT+ compatible equipment.  The Android API joins Wahoo Fitness' line of products tailored for the iPhone, broadening the pool of users able to use their smartphones as a fitness training and tracking tool.

The Wahoo ANT+ API lets Android app developers tap into the native functionality of leading Android smartphones, allowing fitness-focused developers to rapidly integrate heart rate, speed/cadence and bicycle power into their Android and iPhone apps. Wahoo Fitness's ANT+ API is already used by over 50 of the top fitness apps, with additional apps incorporating Wahoo Fitness's API continually.  Fitted with a sensor based on the fitness activity of choice, data is transmitted to the smartphone and read via the ANT+ wireless sensor embedded within certain Android-based phones, providing up-to-the-minute workout and activity data.  

"Wahoo's technology is a perfect complement for anyone interested in better understanding the true results of their workouts, whether they are a casual exerciser or an elite athlete," said Chip Hawkins, CEO, Wahoo Fitness.  "The availability of our Android ANT+ API allows a new wave of fitness enthusiasts to benefit from Wahoo Fitness products by enabling them to them to monitor and manage their workout information on a device they use every day."

The ANT+ API allows select Google Android phones to communicate with any of Wahoo's fitness monitoring products including its heart rate monitor, stride sensor, and bicycle speed and cadence sensor. The ANT+- equipped devices communicate wirelessly with the nearby smartphone and desired application, delivering real-time data. If the wireless connection is interrupted, the Wahoo sensor will continue to record data, ensuring that all workout information is accurate once wireless communication resumes.

For more information about Wahoo Fitness and its Android and iPhone technologies, please visit www.wahoofitness.com or visit them on Twitter @wahoofitness or Facebook at www.facebook.com/wahoofitness.

About Wahoo Fitness

Located in Gainesville, Ga., Wahoo Fitness designs and manufactures smartphone apps, wireless connectors and sport-specific sensors specifically tailored to seamlessly integrate with smartphones for the display, management and transfer of fitness information. All Wahoo Fitness products communicate using the ANT+ wireless protocol and are compatible with existing devices that use the ANT+ standard. For more information on Wahoo Fitness, please visit www.wahoofitness.com or follow us on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.

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