Violence becoming more common in Medicare fraud cases; Senate panel explores home health monitoring technologies;

> Medicare fraud isn't just getting out of hand, it's getting outright dangerous. High-powered weapons like sniper rifles--and in one case landmines--are becoming more and more common, reports ABC News. Article

> After a year of acrimonious debate, politically motivated distortions and gamesmanship in the name of passing "healthcare reform," some members of Congress finally turned their attention to something that really could do more than just expand insurance coverage. The Senate Committee on Aging last week held a hearing on broadband technologies in healthcare, with a heavy focus on mobile and wireless devices. FierceMobileHealthcare

> Drs. Arun and Kiran Sharma, who pleaded guilty this week to defrauding the federal government out of millions of dollars by prescribing at least one controlled substance to every patient they saw and then "coercing many into signing blank forms for narcotics that were never administered," gave up roughly $44 million in assets, reports the Houston Chronicle. Article

And Finally... Maybe he'll use the money to buy a better mask. Article