Vinformatix MedSonic™ Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Solution—Featuring Healthwise—Earns Complete EHR Certification from

With MedSonic and Healthwise, Physicians Can Easily Access and Deliver Patient-Specific Resources at the Moment of Care

BATON ROUGE, La. & BOISE, Idaho--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Vinformatix announced today that after integrating the Healthwise® Patient Education EMR Module and its patient-friendly content, the MedSonic EMR has earned certification from InfoGard Laboratories, an authorized Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology—Authorized Testing and Certification Body (ONC-ATCB).

For a provider’s EMR platform to receive certification, it must pass an ONC-ATCB inspection using the test scripts from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). This certification supports providers’ seeking to achieve Meaningful Use (MU) as defined by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) for Patient-Specific Resources and Engaging Patients and Families.

Vinformatix developed MedSonicTM, a user-friendly software solution to manage patients’ medical records at primary care physician offices adaptable to multiple locations of practice and multiple care facilities like nursing homes. Integrated within MedSonic, the Healthwise Patient Education EMR Module is a prebuilt clinician interface that allows clinicians to deliver patient education at the point of care. It integrates with MedSonic by using the Health Level 7 International Context-Aware Knowledge Retrieval Standard, also known as the HL7 Infobutton standard.

“MedSonicTM is designed with physicians in mind to create smooth transition and seamless integration into their practice. It is functionally simple, very easy to use and almost requires no training,” said Padma Vatsavai, Founder of Vinformatix.

Healthwise information delivered from MedSonic helps physicians improve care quality and provide easy-to-understand patient education at the point of care, while maintaining workflow efficiency. And ultimately, the information, easy access, and patient deliverability help providers receive MU incentive payments.

“To patients, meaningful use means getting the information they need to help in their own care,” said Donald W. Kemper, Healthwise chairman and CEO. “And to physicians, it means getting the right information to them as part of the workflow. The MedSonic solution meets both needs.”

The Healthwise Patient Education EMR Module provides evidence-based patient instructions for virtually any moment in care. The meaningful health content includes after-care instructions, instructions on how to prepare for upcoming procedures, and guidelines for when to call for help. And the Healthwise® Ix® Patient Instructions include “Go to Web” codes that directly link patients to more health information and interactive decision aids in the Healthwise® Knowledgebase, an online health encyclopedia.

Here’s how it works:

Using data from a patient’s record in MedSonic, the system presents a list of relevant Ix Patient Instructions.

The clinician simply:

1. Chooses appropriate patient instructions from the list.

2. Prints handouts and gives them to the patient.

3. Emails the instructions or places copies of them in the patient health record (PHR).

When finished, the system automatically documents which instructions are provided for that patient encounter.

About Vinformatix

Vinformatix, a privately held Baton Rouge based company, has been established to provide EMR management solutions for primary care physician offices, nursing homes and long term acute care centers. Vinformatix is committed to excellence and quality in service. We always strive for perfection in everything we do, without compromising our professional integrity and customer focus. MedSonicTM is provided as an integrated package that includes implementation and support. Contact us now to learn more about our company and software. We will be happy to answer your questions and demonstrate the impressive features of MedSonicTM.

About Healthwise

Healthwise is a nonprofit organization with a mission to help people make better health decisions. About 110 million times a year, people turn to Healthwise information to learn how to do more for themselves, ask for the care they need, and say “no” to the care they don’t need. Healthwise partners with hospitals, EMR providers, health plans, disease management companies, and health websites to provide up-to-date, evidence-based information to the people they serve. 1-800-706-9646.

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