Viable kidneys wasted; Antibiotic use has little effect on MRSA;

> Antibiotic use does little to prevent the spread of the "superbug," methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, according to researchers at St George's, University of London. They found that a significant drop in MRSA rates coincided with a reduction in hospital prescriptions of ciprofloxacin, a commonly prescribed antibiotic. Study

> Boston Children's Hospital cut 255 jobs and laid off 45 staffers, WBUR reported. The changes are estimated to save $89.5 million. Blog post

> Nearly 18 percent of kidneys were discarded last year; one -fifth of those kidneys were not transplanted because a recipient could not be found, The New York Times reported. Providers attribute the missed opportunities to an outdated computer matching program, too much government oversight and inconclusive testing. Article

> Mayo Clinic Care Network, under Rochester, N.Y.-based Mayo Clinic, partnered with NorthShore University HealthSystem in Evanston, Ill., to collaborate on disease diagnosis and treatments, the former announced Wednesday. Statement

> A few weeks before a local election could cap executive pay, El Camino Hospital in Mountain View, Calif., on Tuesday announced it reached an agreement with a nurses' union on compensation and benefits changes, MountainView Patch reported. Article

And Finally… Dogs shoot owners. Article