Vaccine market growing at rapid pace; AMA offers web-based flu assessment tool;

> Vaccines are no longer the ugly stepsisters of the pharma business. According to a new report from the World Health Organization, the vaccine market is growing at a 16 percent rate worldwide. FiercePharma

> The AMA yesterday unveiled, a web-based patient flu health-assessment program. The results of a symptoms questionnaire--based on CDC guidelines--can be shared with the patient's care providers, who can monitor the patient's condition and manage their care through a suite of online applications. Article

> In a vendor relationship first, health IT giant Cerner has teamed up with CDW Healthcare to market ambulatory EMRs, practice management systems, hardware, technical assistance and consulting services to physician practices. FierceEMR

> Employees of St. Joseph County, Ky., are getting their healthcare reform a little (probably a lot) sooner than the rest of us. The county has opened a free, on-site clinic run by Care ATC, and anticipates "significant savings" and improved heath for county employees and their families. Article

And Finally... At long last, a scientific explanation of one the art world's greatest mysteries. Lets hope this frees them up to figure out why Ziggy is so popular. Article