The US Oncology Network Selects Radion to Provide and Manage Innovative Peer Review Quality Assessment and Standardization Program for Its Radiation Centers

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, supported by , has chosen Radion as their software provider for an innovative new Peer Review Quality Assessment and Standardization Program that will improve efficiency, safety and quality of care in more than 100 radiation sites throughout The Network.

“Collaborating with Radion will allow a standardized approach to technical and clinical quality peer review throughout The US Oncology Network,” said Jeff Limmer, director of Medical Physics & Quality/Radiation & Imaging for McKesson Specialty Health. “Electronic entry of resource and quality metrics will be easily translated into reports and graphic displays. Benchmarking practice data against quality standards and creating real-time quality dashboards will soon be a reality. This will increase a physician’s ability to recognize variations, supporting the delivery of excellent care and helping to advance the treatment delivered to patients.”

This tool will create a standardized approach for monitoring, documenting, and benchmarking quality compared to quality standards, which include national accreditation criteria. The Radion Hub will assess and assist national accreditation readiness for the 100 plus cancer sites within The Network by centralizing information and aggregating data from disparate systems that vary by geography, personnel, equipment, and resources.

“Establishing and propagating a culture of excellence where technical and clinical quality standards are adopted into daily practice is the ultimate goal of The Network Radiation Oncology Quality Committee,” noted , M.D., committee chair and radiation oncologist at , a practice in The US Oncology Network. “The collaboration with Radion is a huge step forward in meeting this objective. Their peer review tool and electronic database will be invaluable in performing the radiation physician and physics peer review surveys and will also provide a venue for storing data that can be utilized for continuing quality improvement. We are most thankful to the leadership of The US Oncology Network for their generous support and strong commitment to quality care.”

Radion’s cloud-based collaborative platform and strong track record with some of the nation’s premiere cancer centers and hospitals made them the leading candidate to provide this vital tool.

“We are excited that The US Oncology Network chose to standardize on the Radion Hub platform in a large scale across The Network,” said Kamal Gogineni, chief executive officer, Radion. “They continue to show progressive thought leadership in the industry by being the first to implement such a large scale Compliance and Continual Assessment Program for cancer care, providing the highest quality of care and the best defense against treatment errors.”

Radion, Inc., founded in 2008, has created products and solutions to bridge the gaps in cancer patient-care paths so more patients receive timely and quality treatments. Radion is committed to the highest quality of care to hospitals and patients and aligns its products and services for an end-to-end solution for cancer program management. To learn more about Radion visit .

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